The third edition of ZIO World brings together ZIO users and contributors worldwide to showcase the power, performance, and productivity of ZIO 2.0 and its broad-based maturing ecosystem. Discover how ZIO 2.0 and a stunning ecosystem of ZIO 2 libraries will give you a competitive edge, making your team more productive and happier than ever before.


ZIO World 2023
21st of April
Lisbon - Portugal

ZIO is a super-enabler for Scala developers! Just like @getconduktor is for Apache Kafka developers. We're proud power-users of ZIO, it makes our life so much easier, and we are honored to sponsor ZIO World.

Stéphane Derosiaux


I'm attending the conference - a series of flash talks on different libraries under the ZIO umbrella. Solutions to various problems. Good stuff. Something that makes code read like a story. Clean and straightforward.

Marcin Szalomski

Marcin Szalomski


Feeling at home on stage at #zio conferences! Great community!

Michael Arnaldi

Michael Arnaldi


ZIO World conference was amazing! Thanks to @zivergetech team @jdegoes, @Tornadolobo and the sponsors for making this conference happen in such a beautiful city. It was awesome to zio all, I enjoyed being around kind and welcoming people. Thank you everyone!

Wiem Zine Elabidine



John A. De Goes

Adam Fraser

Alexander Ioffe

Afsal Thaj

Oto Brglez

Marcin Krykowski

Igal Tabachnik

Andreas Gies

Bill Frasure

Jorge Vásquez

Jules Ivanic

Martin Delobel

Jaroslav Regec

Rituraj Khare

Ashish Chaudhary

Willem Vermeer

Daniel Vigovszky

John De Goes

Alexander Ioffe

Piotr Gabryanczyk

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This year we will gather in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Ikonik Lisboa

The Ikonik Lisboa is a young and modern hotel located in
the Parque das Nações neighborhood, which represents
the most modern expression of Lisbon. Surrounded by striking avant-garde buildings, we'll gather
in one of its event halls.

ZIO World venue

The venue is located in a modern area with excellent communications, very close to the airport, and full of shopping areas, theaters, museums, and green areas on the banks of the Tagus River.

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● Coffee/Tea breaks as Perks
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Opening Remarks

John De Goes

Break (10 minutes) 🧩


Break (10 minutes) 🧩


Lunch break (2 hours) 🍕


Break (10 minutes) 🧩


Break (10 minutes) 🧩


Closing Party 🍻